Toxic torts usually involve over-exposure of individuals or communities to harmful or deadly chemicals. We currently represent thousands of injured plaintiffs who were wrongly exposed and injured by way of environmental contamination. Groundwater pollution is one of the most common causes of contamination. Often these groundwater cases involve chemicals such as hexavalent chromium (chromium VI), mercury, trichloroethylene (TCE), benzene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), perchlorate, and pesticides. Of course, this is only a short list of hazardous chemicals that can have an impact on you and your children.

Proving that a person, family or community has been injured as a result of a defendant's negligence, carelessness, or in some cases, intentional conduct is not an easy assignment. It takes incredible resources - both financial and staff - to manage and prove a toxic litigation case. The Law Offices of David C. Thomas, P.C. provides skilled and knowledgeable lawyers, researchers, and support personnel who work together to provide legal representation for those who cannot stand alone against large corporations. We also utilize leading experts in various scientific fields to help prove these claims. Through hard work, knowledge, and determination, we hope to succeed for you.

Lead Poisoning

Exposure to lead-based paint is the major cause of lead poisoning for children in the United States. Since there is no safe level of lead in the body, even small amounts of exposure can lead to disastrous results.

Lead poisoning is most common and most damaging in very young children. The problem of lead-based paint causing lead poisoned children is particularly serious in our cities and urban areas where the apartments and housing stock are the oldest. Any lead-based paint in an apartment can become a hazard if it begins to peel, chip or otherwise generate dust.